About Us

Hi there--glad you stopped by!  Our names are Peter & Lisa Beetge, and we are Airplantation.com

We are originally from New Zealand and have also lived in South Africa, Australia, The Cook Islands, Hawaii and California.  We now live in Sarasota, Florida and have enjoyed making this our home for the last 20+ years.  We are a married couple who love and appreciate plants.  We have a special place in our hearts for airplants (tillandsias) due to their tolerant nature and exquisite beauty.  We started creating art to showcase airplants back in New Zealand 30 years ago using beautiful pieces of driftwood.  We still incorporate driftwood into our art today and have also included many other materials that are lighter weight, easy to care for while still staying true to our love of art supporting nature.

Prior to the pandemic, we traveled Coast to Coast throughout Florida, up to Michigan, New York, Virginia, Georgia & Alabama and thoroughly enjoyed seeing you all  at the many events that we attended.  Our new reality is that we can't see you in person so we do hope that you will stop by our site often and shop and enjoy.  We are used to seeing and speaking to thousands of people in a weekend, so please contact us with any questions--don't be shy!

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to hear from you again soon!

Peter & Lisa Beetge